Chen Tai Chi

Chen style Tai Chi (pronounced ‘tie chee’) was developed over six centuries ago by Chen Pu in the Chen village in Wen county, Hunan province, and has been passed down from generation to generation for over 600 years. Other styles of Tai Chi are founded upon the original Chen style.

Regenerating_TaijituThe foundation of Chen Tai Chi Chuan theory is based on yin and yang principles, meaning it can be active or passive, solid or void. The chen sa chin (silk-cocoon energy) of Chen Tai Chi circles around the body’s meridian like latitudes around the globe. The circulation of chi blends with the open and closed, substantial yet insubstantial chin (inner energy), and is like the longitudes of the globe. These principles are incorporated into the hard, yet soft, fast, yet slow movements of Chen Tai Chi. The body should be erect, the spirit of the inner energy should reach up to the head, the breath should be natural, and the chi should sink to the tan t’ien. This fulfills the inner circuit.

Internal Kung Fu